GARB a social innovation that will try to tackle the problem of waste, increase the eco consciousness and improve the relationships between all actors in the eco-system.

GARB is design to work as a mobile app will offer a set of services for different target groups (public institution working with waste collection – JP Komunalna Higiena, Private enterprises as Pakomak, Citizens, CSOs) as:

  • Mapping places of waste locations, type of waste and condition of the containers
  • Locating illegal dumps and creation of events for waste collection
  • Information of places and time for collection of bulky waste or construction debris
  • Contact of responsible institution and organization working with waste
  • Sharing new from the app on social media
  • Real time data and notification services

The team working on GARB is currently working on development of a functional prototype that can be tested in real life scenarios.

Crowdsourcing will be as an innovative model to collect data from users thus to showcase how a crowd can contribute in solving these problems.  In this way, everyone that will use the app can map a location of containers, full containers or illegal dumps or leave a picture and comments.

By leveraging technology, and developing new types of relationships between different actors or stakeholders (public and private organizations and citizens) for a social cause we want to prove that social innovation is possible and can make a real impact.

Our goal with GARB is to help:

  • the public enterprises get a reliable information system to improve its waste management process, the city infrastructure and gain trust of the citizens;
  • the eco civil society organization get an updated information of location where cleaning actions can take place strengthening its position and status in the society;
  • private and independent collectors of waste, companies or individuals that use waste as an input in its production process get an updated and reliable information on location where they can collect waste that can be recycled and reused.
  • the citizens get timely cleaning of the containers so there will be no scattered waste, illegal dumps etc.

Winning the SMART Social Innovation Competition (SIC) Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey, the team got a chance to further work on development and promotion of GARB as social innovation that will help the society solve some of its biggest challenges.

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