Education Hackathon: Hack the Education

Education Hackathon

Under an SSFA agreement with UNICEF, SmartUp - Social Innovation Lab successfully developed and organized a three day #EducationHackathon during the Conference for Quality Education for growth, development and a better future organized in Skopje, Aleksandar palace between the 4th and 6th of December; together with the Government of Macedonia, Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs.

Short Description

The hackathon lasted three days, ending in a combination between the hackathon and the conference – including a final pitch presentation of all of the 5 solutions generated including a coffee break/post event prototype lounge where event attendees could test out the developed solutions.

Total number of participants involved in the hackathon was 45; coming from a range of different ages, professions and backgrounds under our idea of creating a hackathon for education which is multi diverse, where students and professors can discuss, tinker and create with their peers as well as administrators, graphic designers, programmers and many others.

Addressed challenges:

  1. Which tools and methods should teachers use to further develop character and values (character education) among-st students in the formal education system?
  2. How can we help teachers stay in line with the newest trends in pedagogy?
  3. How can we introduce learning based on play in the preschool programs?
  4. Modern technology as a stimul towards improvement of student accomplishments?
  5. Development of a futuristic inclusive classroom based on the principles of universal design which promotes collaboration and belonging

Additionally to the Hackathon SmartUp provided:

  • Concept, agenda development and entire management take-over for the third day of the conference “Quality Education for —— (DA SEPROVERI OVA)
  • Speaker training and preparations
  • Development of guides, questions and materials for partner organizations, panelists, speakers, organizers etc.
  • Provided logistical support throughout the entire event
  • Provided marketing, social media support and on site content creation
  • Last but not least, SmartUp together with UNICEF realized the #MyFavoriteProffesor campaign.


You can find more pictures on our Facebook page: DAY 1 | DAY2 | DAY 3

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