+ACUMEN LAB [+ACUMEN LAB | OLD TOWN] for Social Entrepreneurship

+ACUMEN LAB for Social Entrepreneurship

This month SmartUp - Social Innovation Lab hosted another event, which provided an excellent opportunity to complement the knowledge that was passed during April’s Winter School for Design Thinking.

In the last few months, our members Kristina Domazetoska and Sofija Bogeva established a successful relationship with Acumen – an American organization that works around the globe (Acumen.org and +Acumen). Through continued collaboration and knowledge acquisition, they both started a collaboration with Acumen’s passionate team.

Acumen raises charitable donations to invest in companies, leaders, and ideas that are changing the way the world tackles poverty.

As a result of the established collaboration, we have announced the first Acumen Lab [+Acumen Lab | Old Town] in Skopje on the topic: SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

The Acumen Lab took place on 24th of September from 12-14 o’clock in the premises of the Social Innovation Hub Skopje (Baraka 1 – Rugjer Boshkovikj 16 1000 Skopje).

The Acumen Lab allowed the participants to get familiar with the concept of social entrepreneurship through:

  • addressing practical examples from successful social enterprises that operate globally
  • exploring personal passions, skills and problems, and exploring the need for social entrepreneurship
  • Moreover, the Lab will allow you to became familiar with the work of Acumen and the Social Innovation Lab, and meet people who share the same passion with you, and who inspire us to
  • do better for ourselves and the society.

The event was open to everyone interested that:

  • has a desire to make a positive change in his/her society,
  • want to get involved with the future activities of the Social Innovation Hub,
  • only want to encourage their creativity and / or contribute to the promotion of the SIH activities

One of the goals of the Social Innovation Lab is to foster positive changes in the society by providing conditions for upgrading the knowledge and the capacities of citizens to address social problems that affect them.

Therefore, in collaboration with various partners from Macedonia and abroad, the Centre seeks to build a complete system of support for all social innovators who want to work on solutions that create positive impact in the society.

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