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Short Story About Our Organization

We work across disciplines to inspire and empower people and organisations to solve emerging societal challenges.

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    Aug, 2014
    Foundation of the SmartUp

    SmartUp Social Innovation Lab was established June 2014. It began its work as a platform for support and development of the ICT culture and affirmation of the entrepreneurship in Macedonia. With its strong focus on education and development of young individuals in the fields of IT and entrepreneurship for youth prosperity, SmartUp become contributing members of society. The main goal of the organization was to help the youth develop their passion and skills in order to acquire a competitive advantage on the marketplace and help them connect with young driven individuals with similar passions and ideas. SmartUp end goal was these very same individuals to become the new leaders of IT business and innovations in tomorrow`s European society.

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    Sept, 2015
    SmartUp first steps

    To achieve its vision and mission, SmartUp was: encouraging creative, intelligent risk-taking; providing practical business experience; increasing the awareness and the overall knowledge for IT amongst young people and create competitive professional abilities and work skills; encouraging IT entrepreneurship in young people; connecting communities and young people through a process of networking and entrepreneurship; educating training and overall work with young people in the direction of creative and social entrepreneurship; mediate and stimulate starting and realization of own business aka Startups; promotion and opening of IT start ups; providing networking events, trainings and seminars for young IT experts and start up enthusiasts to creating charity fundraising events; creating campaigns as a means of raising awareness to certain social problems such as high unemployment rate, stigmatization, not enough informal education among young people and so on.

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    Jan, 2016
    Year of events

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    Apr, 2017
    SmartUp New Goals

    Today the Lab has widened its scope of work, acting as an eco-system builder that connects different stakeholders to promote and develop (social) innovations that contribute towards socially, environmentally and economically sustainable society. As a flagship institution for developing (social) innovations, the lab main mission is to support, inspire and empower people, organizations, social innovators and entrepreneurs to generate impact by solving emerging societal challenges.

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    Dec, 2020
    Our 2020 Vision

Meet Our Team

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

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Nikolco Gosev

Legal Representative

team member
Sofija Bogeva


team member
Aleksandar Lazovski

Project Manager

team member
Kostadin Mishev

IT guru

team member
Jasmina B. Tasevska

Social Innovation Specialist

team member
Dimitar Trajanov

Associate Professor at FCSE

team member
Kristina Domazetovska

Lean startup expert and mentor

team member
Veronika Tomova

Economic development

Our Beliefs

If you want to be incrementally better, be competitive. If you want to be exponentially better, be cooperative.

We see problems as opportunities and we believe that Individuals and communities are the best agents of sustainable development.

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Our Valuable Partners

We work with companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations to address complex challenges.